Monday, February 20, 2012

Buchner Manufacturing Aluminum Supplier

Buchner Manufacturing is a quality supplier of aluminum of products like eavestrough, soffit and aluminum roofing. A family run business who puts much of their focus on providing quality eavestrough supplies to the discriminating contractor. I have posted some pictures of their New Market location. They also have a location in Pefferlaw which manufacturers the downpipes and other components of the eavestrough system.

Buchner Manufacturing, our supplier for gutters, downspout and leafguard

A look at their aluminum roofing.

Buchner aluminum roofing display

Aluminum roofing sample

Some of their products on display in the showroom.

Aluminum coil for eavestrough forming

Gerhard Buchner running the showroom today. Since its the start of Febuary he has a chance to sit down and prepare for the upcoming season.

Buchner manufacturing showroom

Buchner manufacturing warehouse

A large coil of aluminum that gets made into various products.

Aluminum coil to be made into eavestroughs

Different machines to make products like soffits and trims.

soffit and aluminum trim making machines

Aluminum coil at Buchner's

Spinning off a large roll to aluminum to make 100 foot long rolls of capping coil. Capping coil is used for things like fascia and capping windows and doors at a customers home.

Aluminum capping coil for fascia and windows

With so many colors to offer, much space is needed for storage.

pallets of aluminum coils for eavestrough work

Aluminum forming equipment at Buchner's

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