Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Consultation Fee

In an effort to serve you better we provide an in-depth $40.00 consultation. Eavestroughs are something that will be done only once every 25 or 30 years so its good to ensure some good planning went into the design. Our quote will give you peace of mind knowing that the design we come up with for your home will function perfectly. We stand behind it!

Here are details of our $40.00 including tax paid consultation/inspection.

1. We realize your time is valuable so we can arrange the viewing of your home when you're not present. Recommendations will be detailed in written quote which will be emailed, faxed or mailed to you at your request.

2. An in-person consultation to discuss your concerns can be arranged at a time that works for your schedule. An hour will be set aside to gather information and assess system.

3. We strive to provide your quote within 1 week of contacting our office.

4. We provide a visual inspection of current eavestrough system. We will only access your roof if safe to do so. Heights and steepness may prevent us from assessing some or all areas. If eavestroughs only need repair, we will recommend that option.

5. Determine if leaf guard is needed and what type best suits the property based on type and quantity of trees.

6. Assess the condition of soffit and fascia and if more ventilation is recommended to help alleviate snow and ice buildup on roof. If applicable, please inform us of any areas that are prone to ice buildup.

7. Basic roof edge inspection to determine if drip edge or flashing will be needed to prevent drips behind new eavestroughs.

8. Discuss heater cable options to alleviate ice damming, if applicable.

9. Discuss possiblities of LED potlight system, if desired.

10. Look at feasibility of rain barrels, if desired.

11. Determine which downpipes can be disconnected from city system, if applicable.

 12. If desired we can leave actual painted aluminum colour samples and a small section of our gutter and or leaf guard.

13. The $40.00 including tax fee is fully refundable before you receive your estimate. If you agree to a visit by us and change your mind or are not impressed with our service and advice you will not be charged. The fee will be deducted off any quote we give you if you decide to proceed within 1 month of receiving quote. Can be paid in advance with Visa or MasterCard or if an in-person consultation, payment can be made directly with cash or cheque upon meeting.

14. If possible we can accommodate estimate requests outside our normal service area. Our estimate fee will be increased and determined based on our availability and distance from our normal service area. Call our office to talk about this option.

15. Pictures are taken of your property and stored for reference.

3. We have job minimums and do not do small repairs. Usually the minimum is $975. + HST.

Thank you and we look forward to quoting and advising on your project.

Please call or email our office to arrange a quote.


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